Mosquito Magic

There's an old superstition that says if you have an itchy nose you're going to get into a fight. We figure then, that wherever a mozzie bites you, that itch has a meaning too! And you thought mosquitos were nothing more than a big, fat nuisance!

Scalp: good luck with your work.
Left ear: you'll soon get a compliment.
Right ear: you'll soon be insulted.
Left cheek: someone's bad-mouthing you.
Left eye: disappointment.
Right eye: you're about to meet someone special.
Mouth: you'll soon be saying stuff you should keep quiet.
Neck: illness.
Back: love problems.
Left shoulder: unhappiness.
Right shoulder: unexpected cash coming your way.
Left elbow: bad news.
Right elbow: good news.
Left hand: money loss.
Right hand: money gain.
Stomach: a party invite will soon be yours.
Thighs: a change of address.
Left knee: a scandal is brewing.
Right knee: great joy.
Shins: a shock.
Left ankle: sudden expenditure.
Right ankle: a fab pressie.
Left foot: a waste of time journey.
Right foot: a pleasany trip away.

More insect insight

Seeing insects (spiders in particular) can be a good or bad omen. Check the following list and see what that creep-crawly means.

Spotting an insect in the morning means sadness; at noon, anxiety; and in the evening, a loss of money.
To see a spider spinning a web suggests you will soon receive a gift.
To see a spider climbing its thread = good news.
To find an insect on your clothes = arrival of money and/or a letter.
To find an insect on a naked part of your body = good fortune.
A small red insect = money luck.
Killing an insect = immense bad luck.
Seeing an insect creep along a wall is a good omen.