Bathing Beauties

How you lie back and soak up the sun says alot about your personality.

The Royal Position (on your back, arms not touching your body and feet not touching each other)

This is the sign of a self-confident, secure and self-assured person. If on or both legs are bent, there may be some sort of inner conflict going on and it can even be the sign of a dual personality - extroverted and confident on the surface, but a little shy underneath it all.

The Prone Position (on your front, arms and hands forming a pillow, legs stretched out straight)

If you sunbathe like this, you're probably rather cautious and take life one day at a time. You have a strong need to be in control of your life, but may have trouble achieving that control. You hate the unexpected and like to have everything planned way in advance. You don't like the idea of fate, and often if you feel you're being carried along without having any say in the matter, you'll back off.

The Flat-Out Position (flat on your back, both your arms and legs spread out)

The starfish pose is the sunbathing position of a huge secure and confident person. It's likely that you're very content with a few or no worries. You're probably used to getting loads of attention and can be quite demanding. People like you because you're so honest and lovable, but sometimes you can be tactless.

The Foetal Position (on your side, with arms crossed and knees drawn up)

This is the sign of a very anxious type - the more tightly curled up into a ball you are, the more anxious you're feeling. Maybe you're going through an insecure phase or maybe you're just a big baby full-time. Whatever the truth, it's likely that you need more love, attention, support and encouragement than most people. You may not be too confident and probably don't try to hide the fact.

The Semi-Foetal Position (on your side but not quite as curled-up as The Foetal Position)

This pose suggests that you like nothing more than a challenge. Although your mates think you're great, you may believe yourself to be a tad on the dull side, and because of your rather low self-esteem, you may try to create an aura of mystery for yourself. You like people to think you're a bit weird, but no-one's really convinced. Just be yourself!