About Voting

My opinion about voting for someones site

Many question's are asked as to why you always see a vote button at someones site and why it is so important to vote.

The Reasons Why you see "Vote 4 Me":

- It generates more visitors. "The more visitors the more hits" "The more hits the more updates".

Why It's Important To Vote:

- You appreciate the hard work thats been done to the site.
- It shows you like the site.
- You would like to see the site be successfull. The higher the site is ranked the better the exposure.
- It makes the owner of the website feel as though she/he has done well and keeps the site active.

To earn my vote:

- Your website has to be eyecatching from the moment I visit.
- A reasonable amount of content.
- The layout has to be tidy.
- Has to show you have put alot of effort into your work.
- Updated atleast once per week. If you update more then once, it shows me that your a dedicated person and like your website.
- I don't vote for people who say "Vote or Die" or people who have the vote plastered in amongst some rules for example: "to show you read the rules click "show" in rule whatever" and when you click show it goes to the vote page instead of the page you want to view., thats just stupid. I also consider that cheating.

I notice alot of people give up on there website because people are not voting. Why open a website if all you can think about is a vote. My reason for opening my website is because I love dolls, making graphics. And I thought Well I might aswell show off my stylez :o)....lol. No matter how low down the ranks I go I'll always have this site. :o).