Which celeb gang do you belong to?

We see our fave celebs so often they're almost like our friends. Kelly, Avril, J.lo...Take this quiz and find out which celebs you'd be hangin out with.

You've got a really spunky date tonight and wanna dress to impress. Do you opt for:
The skater look: combat pants, a singlet and Converse trainers.
The casual look: hipster jeans, a cute tee and thongs.
The chick look: black dress, strappy heels and glam accessories.

The contents of your handbag includes:
A walkman, some screwed-up old receipts and a few half-empty packets of bubblegum.
A trendy mobile phone, your wallet and a hair brush.
Compact mirror, lipgloss and a bottle of your fave perfume.

You accidently break a nail while rummaging through your locker. What do you do?
Rip it off with your teeth and not give it another thought.
Get out some scissors and a nail file, and fix it up yourself.
Stomp, sulk, then call your nail technician right away.

You've just broken up with your boy. Who do you spill all the details to?
You briefly tell your guy mates, but keep the details to yourself.
Your closest friends. You only want to share your private life with people you can confide in.
Let's see.....you english teacher, gym instructor, neighbour, oh, and of course, your pet chihuahua.

If a guy gave you a bracelet for your birthday, would you:
Say thanks but secretly wish he'd got you one of those leather cuffs with the studs on it.
Plant a big kiss on his cheek and tell him how sweet he is.
Burst into tears and shout, "Omigod! You shouldn't have!",
making sure you had the attention of all the girls within earshot.

Thanks Alex 4 the code and to gf magazine in nz for the ideal quiz.