Which Charlie's Angel Are You?

Charlie's babes are bold, beautiful and ready for adventure. Find out which angel fits you best.

How would your friends describe you?
Playful and always up for a good time.
Quiet, but sophisticated for your age.
Rebellious, you like to push boundaries.

You've decided to stay home and watch a video - What kind of film do you rent?
The latest romantic comedy.
Old episodes of Friends.
Anything with action and spunky boys.

When it comes to your personal style, which word best describes your look?
Fun - you're always in boardies, bikinis and Billabong tees.
Elegant - you like to dress in sleek, tailored and sexy pieces.
Sassy - you live in your jeans, but always mix it up with cool accessories.

You have a big test to study for - how do you prepare?
You're a perfectionist who needs to succeed, so you won't leave the house until you've memorised every last detail.
Skip the study group and head to the library. You'd rather do things on your own than share your study secrets.
Study? What's that? You'll just wing it on the day, you have a knack for getting yourself through any situation!.

You want to spend some quality time with your crush - what kind of plans do you make?
A pizza and Playstation night - name the game and you'll kick his butt.
Reservations at a swish restaurant, followed by a shoulder massage at home.
Skydiving, fast cars, roller-coasters... anything with an adrenaline rush!.

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