Past Layouts

Just thought that you maybe interested in some of the previous layouts I've done since my website was first made. My very first layout was with yahoo page builder, which I forgot to screen print then I found out how to do some basic html and moved to for what reason? I don't know LOL because I ended up going back to geocities "rolls eyes" lol.
I thought this would be good to add not only for you to see but for me to look back on.

layout 1

This layout was the first one I ever made using Iframes, Represents my fave rap group at the time Bone Thugs N Harmony.
Layout Made: 2002
layout 2

Once I started learning how to use Iframes I couldn't stop using them LOL!
Layout Made: 2002
layout 3

This one is a replica of my last layout which of course resembles the xmas theme.
Layout Made: 2002
layout 4

This was my first popup layout and uses Iframes. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't have a clue what made me choos this colour lol.
Laout Made: The start of this year [2003] I think? hehe.
layout 5

This one was my first image map layout which also used iframes and opened in a popup window. I used alot of psp brush art :o)
Layout Made: February 2003
layout 6

Yay!!, I made this as soon as I got my own domain. Opened in a popup window, use Iframes and image mapping here aswell.
Layout Made: May 2003
layout 7

A pop up layout which uses Imapping for the navigation and voting booth I personally thought that this was one of my faves
Layout Made: June 2003
layout 8

I used 4 Frames and a css style sheet for colors, links etc. The banners were made using Paint Shop Pro 7..A metallic theme.
Layout Made: 2003