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A website which is jam packed with great graphics, dolls, dollmakers, aim icons, blinkies, free layouts, xanga themes & even games. So sit back and relax and let your fingers do all the work & have a browse, you may even find something you would like to use. Thuggndiva'z Dollz also has html help tutorials to get you started with your very own website and most of all, it is always updated regularly.

Enjoy your visit!.

New Zealand Time Zone
Thursday, 15 Dec

Trying to fix the makers, fixing all the missing images and adding new dollmaker script from Doll Maker Script.

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Sunday, 22 May

Hi Everyone. I'm so sorry I haven't been here to update the site. I put my site to the side to work on other things offline. I'm studying this year which takes quite alot of my time and I'm jam packed with assessments which I am behind in lol. When I do get a chance to come online I do work on things for the site, A couple of dollmakers are in the works, layouts, tutorials and graphics. I will definately make an effort this week and get some of this work up for you. Thanks for continuing to support my site while I've been away.

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Saturday, 16 April

Hey!, I added a 88x31 Button Maker & a 150x40 Button Maker. They can be found by clicking Graphic Makers in the menu :). New backgrounds and borders will be added to these makers later on today :).

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Saturday, 9 April

Hey Everyone. I added new dolls today they are, 54 Unique Dolls, 10 Goth Dolls, 23 Thugette Dolls, 18 Silent Punk Dolls and 31 Raver Dolls. More updates coming up tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day:P

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