Frequently asked questions

What are direct linkers?
People who copy html codes of your images and paste it onto their website without the website owners consent. Some direct linkers don't even realise they are doing it. If you come across a website which is direct linking to images, email and let them know it's wrong and to remove them.

Can I use your dolls at my website?
Yes you can. I would also appreciate a link back to show credit or let others know where you got them from. Please click here to find one of my link buttons.

Can you make me a few dolls?
No, I don't do personal requests but you are welcome to use the dolls and dollmakers I have made for your use.

Can you make me a site?
I have a few free layouts and I also have a tutorial about how to get started with your own website. Please look through the menu carefully. If you have a paypal account and would like a design from scratch their is a small and affordable charge.

How do I get hosted by you?
I am not hosting any more sites at the moment.

how do u Make Layouts? Can u use paint shop Pro?, if so can u tell me how?
It depends on what type of layout you want and the subject of the site you want. Yes you can use paint shop pro to make your layout design. And yes I have tutorials to show you how. Please look under tutorials in the menu :o)

Can I use your layouts in Aol Hometown?
I am not fimiliar with aol hometown sites, you would need to ask them directly :o)

Can you make me an Icon?
No, I don't do personal requests.

Will you be my sister site?
Just let me know through my guestbook and I'll get back to you.

How do I contact you?
You can do so by emailing me, click here.

Can I link you? and how?
Yes you can :o). Click Here and you will find some of my link buttons.

I see a few errors what should I do?

How did you do this?
Inspiration, and alot of READING/STUDYING on the NET!!, its almost like been at school again :oP .