Frequently Ask Layout Questions

These are questions which are commonly asked about layouts I provide on Thuggndiva'z Dollz

Q: How do I make my links open in the same window?
Answer: <a href="">Link</a> If you have 3 frames (left, main, & right) and you wanted a link on the main page to open on that same page you would place your link like I have shown above.

Q: How do I make my links in the menu open in the middle frame (main)?
Answer: <a href="" target="main">My Page</a> See where I have put "target="main" this will tell your web browser to direct the link to the middle frame aka main. If you would like the link to open in a right frame put target="right" and to open in a new window put target="_blank".

Q: I have a site at aol hometown and the layout is not working, what should I do?
Answer: In New Zealand (where I am from) we can't get aol, so I can't answer this question or any question which concerns Aol. Ask support staff at aol hometown for assistance. If you want to use frames/Iframes it may be wise to transfer/move your site to another host.

Q: How do I edit the pages?
Answer: There are 2 ways. You can edit your pages by using Notepad on your computer or you can open up the page you wish to edit in your html editor which most sites provide.

Q: How do I make new pages?
Answer: Open up main.html in your html editor, copy and paste the codes from that page and make a new html page, do this for each new page you make and don't forget to include .html when you save your pages. In main.html there is a no right click script near the top you can remove this if you would like your page to be right clickable.

Q: The colours and text do not look the same as your previews showed, can you help?
Answer: Make sure that you have uploaded the .css file which came with the layout in the same directory/folder as your html pages.

Q: Hi, I don't have a programme which opens zip file and was wondering if you could send me the html pages for a layout?
Answer: I have made it clear that you need a zip programme such as winzip in order to open or use my layouts, if you don't have winzip ask the owner of your computer if it is ok to download winzip. You can download it by Clicking Here If I'm in the mood I may send it to you but don't push your luck :oP

Q: I don't know anything about html but I really like your layouts can you help me?
Answer: I was once like you, I never knew anything about html or what that even meant. But I really wanted to make a site so I spent alot of hours, days, months learning how to use html and now look :oP I am teaching you how to. If I can do it, you can. Spend some time searching the web for html tutorial sites theres tons out there!.

I will add many others soon.