Good Places to earn money online

Here I wanted to share with you some of the places I use on the net to make money.

Pay Per Click Services

Rating: 5/5
You must have a website for this. Place the search engine on your webby and everytime someone uses it you recieve 10 cents, now thats pretty good if your website has lots of hits per day!
Here is an example:
say you have an average of 250 hits per day and 50 of them used your search engine per day. divide that by 10 = $5.00 per day multiply by 30 = $150.00 per month!.

you must reach the payout amount which is $50.00 US Dollars and will be paid direct to you by cheque into your mail box. Payments are made in the first week of every month.
I made over $50.00 US dollars (approx $100.00 nz dollars) in the first month of joining, you can too!.
All Countries are eligible. Click Here!

Popunder Publishing or Advertising

Pay Pop Up
Rating: 5/5
I am very impressed with this company, all you need to do is place a pop-up code onto your website. It can be a exit popup or enter popup which ever you would prefer.

You have 2 choices of payment Paypal or by Check/Cheque and the minimum payout is $50 per month if you don't reach this amount it will carry over to the next month. You can also set your payment target to $100 or $200 if you feel your website will do well here. They pay very promptly, I recommend this company to everyone who has a website!!.
All Countries are eligible. Click Here!