About Thuggndiva'z Dollz

The Beginning
My reasons for starting a doll site began when I came across The Doll Palace, I thought woah, what a cool site theres so much to do and see. The thing that got me was the dolls I thought they looked cool and at first I thought woah she can draw..LOL. I later realised that there was a virtual chat place named The Palace where people use dolls as an identity and I thought... woah this is what you call a site for sore eyes lol. Once I downloaded the software I was hooked on the thugette and thug dolls, so I collected them and later.... I started building Thuggndiva'z Dollz in May 2002 using yahoo page builder at Geocities.com. I then changed to Angelfire.com for what reason? I dunno lol, I hated the pop ups so back to geocities I went :oP.

The Growing Stages
I finally brought my own domain in April 2003 and of course named it "Thuggndiva'z Dollz". I also hosted "Mitsiki's Dolls" now known as "Dollie Crave" and "Gurlpowerrr" now "EasyDoll". Unfortunately my server died because of our busy sites so I had to move my domain LOL. I was hosted for a while by an online friend/sister site and webmistress of Pixel Bee, but in Fall of 2005 I finally decided to move on and transfer all the material to the site that started it all for me: "The Doll Palace".

My site has grown so much since I first started it. It now has 1000s of dolls which along time ago was only a few hundred, my dollmakers grew from 7 to 60+!. It also has graphic makers and graphics for your site, and now I also help other newbies to start a site of there own by showing them step by step tutorials and cute tips and tricks for starting off a site.

My Current Hostees
None at the moment

Plans For The Future
The Doll Palace will keep this site open for aslong as possible, I will work on things such as redesign of the sections, TDP Fanlist and Probably Topsites. I also like to create Aim Doll Icons but I can't even get AIM because they don't have AIM in nz (New Zealand) although I spend alot of time in yahoo and msn anyway so they are all good.

Ahhh yeah that about raps it up...I'll be updating this page in months to come with other info....